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Book 1:

If you need to sign Book 1, it must be in person.  

Yearly resigns can be done on any normal business day in the month of December.  You can resign in person or by email.

If you'd like to be signed onto other books, please email us with which locals.  Here's a list of Michigan locals, or close locals.  Please note if they accept fax 1st signs.

If you would like us to resign you onto other local Book 2's, please submit the request by email, along with any information needed. 

Book 2:

IBEW Local 131 will be accepting fax first signs from home locals or in person signs.  Resigns are to be done monthly, from the 10th - 16th.  You can either have your hall resign you or you can submit the request by email.  Please include your name, card number, and phone number. 

Michigan is a licensing state. If you do not have a Michigan state license, you will still receive a "strike" if you do not bid on a call. 

Michigan Licensing Information / No Longer Offering Temporary Licensing

Campgrounds in 131's Jurisdiction

(This is just a few, we know there are many more)

 If you take a call out of IBEW Local 131, please make sure with your home local that you're set up on ERTS.

Referral Procedure:

Initial Sign: First sign and signing after being removed from the out of work list will be in person or an email/fax from your home local.  Group 1 applicants working in another jurisdiction can first sign by email or fax but must provide a copy of their job referral from that jurisdiction.

Signing Hours: Registration for employment (signing the book) can be done Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00AM and 4:30PM, on normal business days.  Please note the hall may be closed to accommodate lunch breaks between 11:30 and 12:30. In the event the hall is closed, notice of expected return time will be posted. 

Book Order: Each applicant shall be registered in the highest priority Group/Book for which he/she is qualified. (Group 1-4). When multiple Group/Book I workers register within 24 hours (10AM to 10AM), registrants will be ranked according to Card Seniority.

Posting New Job Calls:  New calls will be posted by a recorded message available after 5:00PM (by calling (269) 382-1762) and on the website under Job Listings. The job call will list the name of the employer and the number of employees needed.  The Union business office will offer all the work calls available at the time of the job offer.

Bidding New Calls: New Calls are bid between 5:00PM and 8:30AM after the Job Call is posted. All registrants bidding a call may either apply in person at the Union Hall between 8:00AM and 8:30AM OR leave a message on the recorder between 5:00PM and 8AM, stating they wish to apply for a job call.

Open Calls: Calls that are not filled during the initial bidding period will be available to first respondent. Unfilled calls will remain on the job line until filled or cancelled by employer.

Referral Process: Applicants who have responded to the job call will be referred in book order starting with the highest priority group.  Those applicants receiving job referrals will be contacted starting after 8:30AM.  If an applicant is unable to be reached by 10 AM, the dispatcher will move to the next applicant on the list.  After the list of registered applicants has been exhausted, the Business Manager has the right to fill job calls by any qualified applicant throughout the day. 

Emergency Calls: All referrals of applicants will be made during normal operating hours, except in the case of an emergency as defined by the Business Manager and Employer. The Business Manager is responsible to fill calls in a timely manner as needed by Employers. This means in an emergency; referral of applicants may have to be made outside normal business hours using whatever means are available to fill calls.

Strikes and Book Rolling: All registrants ranked above the referred bidder/registrant, who do not respond to a job call, will be given 1 turndown/strike per call. The 3rd turndown will roll registrants to the bottom of their respective book.  If an applicant is refused by an employer, they will maintain their position on the book. 

Failure to Meet Job Requirements: In the event that a registrant does not meet a job requirement (i.e. vaccination status, allergy, background check, etc.), they will retain there position on the book, without a strike, so long as they bid or state the reason of ineligibility for the call.


Book 1 Resign will be yearly on ANY normal business day during the month of December.

Book 2-4 Resign will be monthly beginning on the 10th and ending the 16th. Resigns may be done in person or by email to resign@ibew131.com. Email and Fax Signs MUST have your NAME, CARD NUMBER and LU NUMBER IN THE SUBJECT LINE.

What's Going on at 131?

Code Update Classes:

September 14th & 15th (Sat & Sun)

October 26th & 27th (Sat & Sun)

November 23rd & 24th (Sat & Sun)

December 14th & 15th (Sat & Sun)

- Located at the Union Hall

- Call (269) 382-1762 or email Morris to sign up. 

- Class is limited to first 30 

- Cost is $25.00 - Cash or Check

**NEBF Announcement**

 IBEW Local 131 is open for business from 8:00am - 4:30pm.  We prefer Book 2 signs done by email or fax, but we're open for in person signs. 

Our office is closed from 11:30am-12:30pm for lunch.  

 Dues payments can now be accessed online.  Sign into your account today! (IBEW 131 Members Only - Username is your last name and the password is your Dues Receipt Card Number)

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